Apathy is Death

by Aeterna Tristitia

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A short EP originally intended to be the final Aeterna Tristitia album. Cover photo by Ruby McKenna.


released August 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Aeterna Tristitia Valparaiso, Indiana

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Track Name: Bursting Apart
Everybody get up, rise and shine
Today's the day, tonight's the night
It's time for me to prove my worth
Show 'em all I'm ready to burst
Give me the spotlight, give me a moment
I'll make sure it's worth your while
It's time for me to break the chains
I can't believe I'm ready to burst

Don't give a shit, don't give a fuck
I don't need your help
And if I did, and if I did
I would probably kill myself

What's the time, what's the month
I can't tell a Monday from Friday
Got to get my shit together
oh it's hard, oh it's hard
Give me a second, just give me a moment
One more night of doing nothing at all
Time can stand still for just one moment
One more night of doing nothing at all
Track Name: Rabadabada!! (Going Nowhere)
I know it's hard but I'll keep trying
I'll keep chasing after prizes
I'm trying to keep it all together
Embrace good habits, fuck the others

I'd like to think this is the start of something
But in my heart I know that I am going nowhere
Can I make it through without the music?
Can I make it through with no one by my side?
Track Name: March for Motivation
Hello everyone, I just got back from
a nervous fucking breakdown
I had always thought I could do without
but without a reason, I'm a fucking slouch

If I had a gun, it would've just made sweet love
to my temple or perhaps my forehead
And yes I must admit, it really is quite shit
when your mental health hinges on one person

Will I ever know? Will I ever know?
Was this self-imposed? Was this self-imposed?

I was too scared of life to leave my empty shell
but now I've finally found my motivation
I'm worried that my best will never be enough
but I can't put it off any longer
Track Name: Now and Forever
Could something so right be something so wrong?
I know what I feel, I know what I want
I sure as hell know I don't feel confused
I want you beside me, I want to be with you

Crawling back, crawling back to where you are
Crawling back, because I want you in my life

(I love you, I love you, I need you) (now and forever)