Believe Nothing

by Aeterna Tristitia

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A collection of songs written and recorded between November 2014 and November 2015.


released November 16, 2015

Joey Brown - vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard
Stephen Stewart - drums on tracks 1, 2, 4, 6



all rights reserved


Aeterna Tristitia Valparaiso, Indiana

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Track Name: Worthless
All these scratches on my skin
Signify my countless sins
And although I do protest
I will never feel at rest
In this cage of flesh and bone
I will never feel at home
And although I feign content
Those words of peace were never meant

The pages of my book of life
Have yet to be formalized
I have so much time to live
But I have nothing left to give
I am such a selfish soul
I deserve no title role
I will never earn your love
Any worth I'm devoid of
Track Name: Why Do I
Why even try when I've got nothing to hide
Why even contemplate getting pushed back by the tide
Why even die when I've got a hold on life
Why even associate with these fake bitch types

Why do I always ask myself the same damn questions
when I've checked all the boxes, I've filled up every section
Why do I always ask myself what's my identity
when I've wrecked everything standing in the way of my sanity

Why, why, why do I?
Track Name: Endless Night
See me through this endless night
Once thought you were the love of my life
Now I see it's not that way
It's hard to say I'll be okay
Believe in nothing but myself
I often doubt my mental health
Catharsis through poetry
Melody is therapy

I see you're set in your foolish ways
But who is the bigger fool here?
I've never done anything with my life
And you've got a job and a boyfriend

I've never tried to do anything
Because I'm so scared of failure
So when I just happened to fall for you
I wanted it to last us forever

I will always be a failure
Track Name: I Deserve Hell
Waking up filled with so much pain
Not in the present but for the future
Because I know that this haze will pass
I know I will return to reality at last

Everything will judge me for the things I haven't done
Because the list of my achievements has a sum total one
Being a waste of space is my only accomplishment
Can't take the critique but there's no room for a compliment
Can't end the streak you'll have to take this acknowledgement
I'm a failure, and I know it very well
I want to see heaven but I deserve hell
Track Name: Water Rising
Water rising, it looks as though we will drown
Death toll climbing, God is nowhere to be found
Inhale the smoke now, it won't slow it down
It only seems that I remain in stasis

Can you tell me, can you tell me
when this pain will end?
Can you tell me, can you tell me
I wanna see the sunset

Cogs keep turning, the cycle repeating itself
Tribes keep warring, divisions creating themselves
Your rage consumes you, you're not letting go
Dwell on the past now, ignore the future you chose

You're suicidal, you're in denial
The water's rising
I can't take this
I can't take this
Track Name: Hatred
Have you ever held convictions
that went against mainstream thought?
I've got the feeling you never questioned
you recycle what you've been taught

What good is the truth when it's passed by
in favor of your delusions?
You're content in your little bubble
This may be the age of confusion

I hate the way we communicate
I feel this paradigm's insane
I hate how this world operates
How every pleasure comes with pain

I hate your Christianity
and how you pass it off as sound
I hate myself and humanity
We never search for common ground

I hate because it feels right

Bad to the core, the human sickness
Life after birth, the human sickness
Destructive force, the human sickness
Devoid of worth, the human sickness
Track Name: Believe Nothing
Believe nothing, trust no one
You'll save yourself the hurt that comes

I believe in nothing
I trust no one
Track Name: Alienation
Alienation from all my peers
Your fabrications built on your fears
Divide and conquer, that is the way
Focus on conflict, we're not the same

Don't listen to ideas you don't like
Drown out the voices invading your mind
That is your modus operandi
Drown out the truth with comforting lies

Oh how I wish it wasn't this way
Our modern world has gone insane
I will push back
I will speak out

I can't pretend it's all okay
If we don't shout, nothing will change
I will push back
I will speak out