Sub Ea Omnes

by Aeterna Tristitia

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Written and recorded May 3 to August 19, 2013. I don't have a job right now and making money while pursuing what I'm passionate about is a dream to me, so if you enjoy what you're hearing, feel free to go ahead and throw some money my way. If not, that's fine as well.


released August 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Aeterna Tristitia Valparaiso, Indiana

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Track Name: Sub Ea Omnes
If I was different I could relate to your problems
and if I was older I would be a wiser man
and if I was irate, would you forgive my indiscretion?
and if I was obscene, you know that I'd apologize

If I changed today, would that make you happy?
and if I waited longer, would that make you cry?
and if I was someone that you liked more than me
I wouldn't feel alright because inside I'd compromised

If I could just see beneath it all I would find
That what I've always been has been more than enough
and if my heart could beat, I could feel emotion for you
But now I'm not alive, and your time has come and passed
Track Name: Heavensent
When I behold your eyes
I know I'm alive and I know that I can try
Track Name: Everything Changes
It's insane
When I look into a mirror, it's like staring into hyperspace
You never know what's going to look back at you
And I can ramble on about the same things for days on end
and do nothing with my life
But everything changes around me
It's all moving by so fast, and I think I like that
But I don't know

As time passes by everything's going to change
I'm going to look into a mirror, I'm going to stare into hyperspace
and I'm going to see myself, years from now,
and I'm going to be looking back and thinking:
Where did the time go?
Because everything changes around us,
but we have to hold onto what we have
We can't let go
Track Name: Awakening
I can't help but feel we're finally getting there
Track Name: Numb
Eventually you become numb to it all
Track Name: What I Want
What I want and what I need is complete ecstasy
Your gorgeous self on top of me, intimate ecstasy
I don't think that this is wrong, it feels so pure, it feels so calm
You and I, beautiful, intimate, innocent

(Is there someone that is out there, waiting for me?)
Track Name: Waiting
I'm so useless, I'm an ugly mess
A broken record, I play forever
No words can come forth from my broken lips
They aren't sufficient, the meaning absent
I can never express the way I feel
The thoughts in my mind, they shift and stay concealed
I'm still waiting for something to take shape
Decision I make, knowledge I attain
Something that can open up the doors
Unleash the passion, constrain my apathy
Track Name: Caged
I cannot be set free
Can't do what's right for me
Track Name: There Must Be a Way
There has to be, be a way
For me to change, get away
There has to be, be a way
The sooner it comes today
There has to be, be a way
For me to change, get away

There has to be a change today
Something has got to change
There has to be a change today
Everything feels the same
There has to be a change today
Something has got to change

There has to be, be a way
For me to make a change today
There has to be, be a way
For me to make a move today
I have to make a change today
No pill I take can change my fate
I have to make a move today
Waking up won't change this place

There must be a way; a change must be made
There must be a way for things to change
There must be a way
Track Name: White Keys
What defined me, it was not inside me
What defined me, it was not inside me
Now I sit here writing sad songs
Press the white keys, let yourself go