All in Your Head

by Aeterna Tristitia

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released May 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Aeterna Tristitia Valparaiso, Indiana

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Track Name: Like a Fool
The end is nigh and I just can't leave here
My time has come and I'm locked in stasis
And like a fool I am blind to my sickness
Look up at the sky and forget who I am
Track Name: Find Hope
I wasn't feeling better about the weather
The bad habits I couldn't shake to which my soul was tethered
I could no longer fake my skin's not made from leather
I'm flesh and bones and blood, inside an empty shell
Each day I walk the same path, my own private hell

I have good intentions destroyed by apprehension
They can never be fulfilled by mechanical inventions
I've seen the other side and I can never look back
No purpose to the universe, no purpose to life
No god above us, no devils in disguise

Inside my soul, will I find my hope?
Track Name: Mistakes
The door has shut and my chance is gone
Everything's dark and the night is long
I only wish I could break out from
This endless stasis I've imposed upon myself

I'm feeling paranoid and so anxious I can't think straight
I know the clock is ticking, but I can't stop making mistakes
I'm getting left behind by all my peers and I can't negate
I can't turn back the clock, no, and I can't stop making mistakes

There's nothing left for me in this place
The contest is over, I've lost the race
Only seventeen years and I'm reprobate
My desire for success I can never satiate, never

The sun will rise, we'll rise again
Track Name: Hurt for Love
There's something I can say about this situation
I only wish I had some control over this procrastination
I hurt myself for love

And when I finally sit down, talk it out with myself
Will I stop engaging in this self-defeating cycle of despair?
I act without a care

I hurt myself for love, hurt myself for love
Track Name: All in Your Head
It's all in your head, that's what they tell me every day
It's not the things I said, it's always what I didn't say
I wish I could reverse the flow of time
Make the best of it, work to cross that great divide

Can anyone admit everything they did was wrong?
Can anyone confess they misunderstood for the longest time?
I wish I could replace all my memories
They don't mean nothing, they only remind me of wasted time

I'm not sure if I'd call this depression so much as it's a call for attention
Please indulge my histrionics, please forgive my stupid words

It's all in my head
Track Name: Ephemeral
It's about that time of year
that everyone around me just disappears
The winter consumes the pioneers
I'm feeling sure that I'm fucked up here

I feel your sweetness in my dreams
I thirst for the tension in my brain
I thirst for your attention I'm feeling insane
Wait for the time when I'm happy again

Is there something I can tell you
that would make you want to love me?
Is there something I can tell you
that would make you want to kiss me?
Is there anything I can do for you
that could ever make your heart sing?
I feel it's all gone wrong and I can't
solve the puzzle, I can't do anything

It's about that time of year
that I retreat to my souvenirs
Take comfort in the memories that
weren't so great at the time either

I long for something in my life
To motivate me to do what's right
Instead I sit alone and I cry
All my hopes have been denied

Save my soul 'cause nothing matters
Save my soul 'cause nothing matters anymore